Simple pricing based on monthly AdWords spend.

Whether you're freelancing or working at an agency, we have a plan to suit your needs. If you have any additional requirements, or questions about scaling AdOptics for
.enterprise use, contact us.


$19.95/ month

  • Free Trail30 Days
  • Ad Accounts1
  • Monthly Ad SpendUnlimited
  • Ad Test LimitUnlimited
  • User AccountsUnlimited
  • SupportEmail, Phone, and Live Chat
40% off on Annual plans.

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Why AdWords people love Adoptics

  • 5.00 Average on Capterra

  • 5.00 Average on Capterra

  • 5.00 Average on Capterra

This service should have existed a long time ago. A dedicated ad testing platform without the unnecessary clutter found in most ad management services.

Mayur K. Developer at Potenza Global

I'm non-technical, but AdOptics let's me A/B test ad creatives like a true data nerd.

John D. Manager at Ribeiro Agency

Is it possible that AdOptics makes A/B testing fun?!

Shannon S. Founder at Payloadz

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as "spend"?

The total monthly spend of Google Ads accounts connected to AdOptics. For example, If you connected two accounts with each spending $10,000 per month, your total AdOptics "spend" would be $20,000.

Do I need extensive A/B testing experience to use AdOptics?

No, not at all. We've designed our service so that anyone can test their ads at scale with our simple point and click task based interface. We generate all of the testing tasks for you.

Does AdOptics support Google Ads MCCs?

Yes, AdOptics can import all of your Google Ad accounts attached to your MCC login. You can disable the AdOptics functionality of any of your accounts with a single click. No changes are ever made to any ad account without your express action.

Will my clients know I'm using AdOptics?

No, clients will not know you are using the AdOptics service unless you tell them. In the Ad Account change history, the login email shown in the actions history will show the email address attached to the Google Ads Account you are managing. It will never show "AdOptics" anywhere in the Google Ad Account.

Does AdOptics make changes to my Google Ads Account without my knowledge?

No. Our service will never push any change to your Google Ads Account without you explicitly performing an action within our web application interface. We don't make any automated, behind the scene changes to your account without you performing the action yourself on our site.

What happens if I exceed my plan?

Your account will continue to run without interruption while we work with you to get you on the correct pricing model. We can normally adjust account limits for individual accounts as needed without changing pricing in many cases.

What's your refund policy?

If you are not happy for any reason with our service, let us know and we will make it right. If that means providing a full refund, then that is what we will do.

Do you offer annual billing?

Yes, our annual billing plans currently offer a 40% discount from the monthly paid plans.

Do you offer a discount for Google Grants clients?

Yes, our tool works with Google Grant accounts.